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Impacta a los ejecutivos de televisión a través de eventos inolvidables. Grandes oportunidades para promover tu empresa o contenido a un público premium de ejecutivos de la Industria Televisiva. 

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The Colombian Film Commission is a project of Proimágenes Colombia, supported by the National Government, the purpose of which is to promote the country as a destination for audiovisual production.

Here you will find a broad directory of locations, companies, and professionals in the audiovisual sector. Also available is information about the tax and financial incentives offered to the film industry and the processes and permits required to shoot in Colombia.

We are the National Agency for Export and Investment Promotion under the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We promote Argentina’s exports and investments by providing support to SMEs so that they can go global and by facilitating productive investment projects along the national territory.

In this opportunity we are jointly participating with the following Argentine companies looking for co-production for their projects: Baron Barbas, FLIXXO, Frame, Glowstar Media, Make Things Happen, Playmakers Entertainment, Punta Fina Contenidos.


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RT’s Spanish language TV Channel, RT en Español, was launched in 2009. In the very first year on the air the channel interviewed 10 Latin American heads of state. Since then it has been included in the national TV grids of Argentina and Venezuela. Today the channel’s website, actualidad.rt.com, leads in terms of traffic the Spanish language versions of the BBC, Euronews, France 24 and TeleSur, according to SimilarWeb. On YouTube, RT en Español has surpassed more than 5 million subscribers, beating CNN en Español, BBC News Mundo, Euronews en Español, DW Español, France 24 en Español and TeleSur. It also boasts more than 3 billion views, keeping its leading role among all Spanish-language news channels, including CNN en Español and BBC Mundo. RT en Español has also become the very first foreign TV channel that launched around-the-clock broadcasting on the National Network in Cuba. 

Telefilms was founded in 1961. Through its alliance with leading distributors in the region, it constitutes the largest independent distributor in Latin America. Telefilms is led by a young and dynamic team, with the most extensive know-how in the region and of all its players.

During 60 years, Telefilms has managed the TV rights for Latin America of great movies and series, such as THE KING´S SPEECH, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, DANCES WITH WOLVES, THE LAST EMPEROR, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, TERMINATOR 2, GET SMART and SPEED RACER. Telefilms has also represented and distributed first class films, such as ORION and CAROLCO.

Telefilms is actively involved in the major television markets worldwide, with stands at Miptv, Mipcom, Natpe and Los Angeles Screenings, and it attends the American Film Market and Cannes, Berlin and Toronto Film Festival.

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Whip Media, the leading enterprise software platform and data provider to the world’s largest entertainment organizations, will showcase the Whip Media Exchange - a powerful new approach to making better content licensing and planning decisions. The Exchange is an online marketplace that serves as a central hub for discovering, buying and selling content rights, enriched with the industry's first "Demand Score" and other key predictive insights. 

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Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) is an affiliated organization of Korea Communications Commission and Ministry of Science and ICT. RAPA engages in establishing diverse supportive systems, putting its full weight behind further advancing the radio broadcasting and communications industry of Korea. We are specifically focused on local and SME broadcasting content as well as immersive content, UHD content, and other supportive projects to promote the media industry.

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Corsearch Brand Risk and Performance™ solutions are revolutionizing how companies commercialize and protect their growth. Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, Corsearch delivers data, analytics, and services that support brands to market their assets and reduce commercial risks. 

From trademark clearance to brand protection and anti-piracy, Corsearch provides a comprehensive program that enables businesses to secure brand value and thrive commercially. 

Without the right intellectual property, companies have little more than good ideas. Corsearch's integrated solutions convert those ideas into brand value through IP research and protection solutions that simplify the commercial landscape and optimize brand presence against infringement. Whether it’s online or offline, Corsearch helps customers to secure, monitor, and enforce their brand. 

As innovators in a new economy of Brand Risk and Performance data, Corsearch helps the world’s best-known brands to identify commercial risks and opportunities in every market. 

Corsearch is proud to support our customers in delivering value to their communities. Whether they’re creating life-saving medicines or protecting revolutionary new technologies, Corsearch gives customers the power to improve the future. 

Behind the world’s best-known brands, there’s Corsearch.

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A leading Language Services Provider, Universal Cinergia Dubbing offers dubbing, voice over, subtitling, closed captioning, audio description and post production services in multiple languages to broadcasters, film studios, OTT platforms, distributors, TV channels and producers. Founded in 2012 by Liliam Hernandez (CEO) and Gema Lopez (COO), business partners with a combined experience of more than 35 years in the audiovisual industry, Universal Cinergia Dubbing provides services in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Castilian. Actively working with clients worldwide - North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa – the company is a truly global organization.

With vast experience in all types of content, workflows and multiple technical specifications, Universal Cinergia has operations 5 countries (USA, Brazil, Mexico, France and Spain) with 49 recording suites across Miami, São Paulo, Mexico City, Paris and Valencia. The facilities in Miami, São Paulo and Mexico City are all TPN assessed. 

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