MIP Cancun

16-19 November 2021
Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico

MIP Cancun returns to Mexico!

Who is coming?

MIP Cancun confirms several major international distributor, buyer, and production companies for the much anticipated in-person market taking place this November 16-19 at the Moon Palace Resort Hotel, Cancun.

Already registered?

Welcome back! We are truly looking forward to meeting you in-person at the Moon Palace Resort Hotel in Mexico with safety first! It’s now time to connect to the digital platform and fill in your profile! 

The latest updates from Mexico

According to the weekly updates by the Mexican government based on the epidemiological traffic light system, this week (18-24 October) Cancun in the Quintana Roo state is green. MIP Cancun is a safe place to do business & networking!

What is MIP Cancun?

MIP Cancun 2021 confirmed to take place 16-19 November 2021, Cancun, Mexico

The Leading LatAm TV Market

Whether you are involved in producing, distributing, financing or buying TV content for Latin America and US Hispanic audiences, MIP Cancun is the TV Market that will put you face-to-face with the people, content, and ideas to give your business a fresh year of opportunity.

With its 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meeting format, MIP Cancun is the most intimate and efficient way for TV professionals working with the Latin American and US Hispanic markets to meet face-to-face. We have missed you! We are looking forward to meeting you in Cancun this november. 

MIP Cancun Distribution Market

MIP Cancun offers a unique experience of 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meetings between international content distributors and TV content buyers from the Latin American and US Hispanic markets.

MIP Cancun Co-Production Forum

The MIP Cancun co-production forum offers 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meetings that match producers across Latin America with top commissioners from the region as well as Talent agencies, Heads of Development, Financing Companies, Writers, ...

Key Safety Measures & Access Conditions

We look forward to welcoming everyone to MIP Cancun, where we are committed to providing you with the safest possible exhibition and conference environment. We are working with our colleagues at RX (Reed Exhibitions), the host city authorities and specialist medical advisors to build a coherent and consistent programme of advance measures to ensure MIP Cancun has health and safety measures as its number one priority .

Exclusive White Paper

The entertainment landscape in Latin America has never been as competitive as it is today. MIP Cancun and Parrot Analytics offer you an exclusive report that brings transparency to how audiences preferences are shifting as content offerings and new players fight for attention. Download the report and walk away with a new understanding of how to succeed and stand out as a producer, buyer, or seller of content in 2021.

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MIP Cancun Testimonials

"MIP Cancun Online`has been effective, but nothing can replace the face-to face experience. We all are waiting to meet again. Nothing like closing a deal with a hand-shake. The platform helped for the business, but nothing can replace the face-to-face experience with potential partners."

– Carolina Cordero, President, MTH Productions, Argentina 

"Despite the worldwide situation we live with the pandemic, you were able to organize this event, that is really helpful for our needs to obtain content. Definitely being face to face acomplish 100% expectations, but due to circumstances, this online was really satisfactory for me."

 Gabriela Galarza, Coordinadora de Contenidos, Bigtech, Ecuador 

"I am really satisfied with the MIP Cancun 2020 experience, especially with the global situation. The face-to-face personal interaction to make relationships, build trust and do business is missing. Both options should be open for 2021, face-to-face and online."

– Eduardo McCausland, Fundator y Director de Contenidos, EUFORIA TransMedia, Columbia 

"This 2020 edition was very fruitful and dynamic despite the frustration of not seeing partners in real life. The Cancun power is strong enough to bring some good vibes during online meetings but looking forward to 2021 (hopefully in Cancun)."

 Audrey Kamga , Sales Manager, ARTE, France 

"Although MIP Cancun Online+ was a great makert and very well organized, there is nothing like a physical Tradeshow. Is necessary to see and build relations with people face-to-face."

– Ana Celia Urquidi, Productora Ejecutiva, ATENEA MEDIA, Mexico 

"Excellent way to realize the event, with a very functional and friendly platform, but face-to-face interaction is superior to virtual mode. Congratulations, you did it excellent!"

– Tania Porras Cossani, Jefe de Programaciòn, MEDCOM, Panama

"It was a good market, connections and meets are the best. Always meet in person is better, but it was good for this specific time this solution."

 Paul Vaca, Acquisitions and Sales Manager, ALTEREGO, Ecuador 

"Waiting for MIP Cancun to be face-to-face again. MIP Cancun Online was really interesting, but nothing replaces direct contact."

– Jorge Said, Director / Producer, Millenium Monde, Chile 

Key Figures 2020 - MIP Cancun

660 delegates

200 buyers & commissioners

6 international pavilions

62 speakers & keynotes

32 conferences & content showcases

4,300 meetings

44 countries

The MIP Cancun Advisory Board

Meet MIP Cancun's exceptional Advisory Board. These key global industry leaders with extensive experience in acquisitions, co-productions & international business development work hand in hand with our team to build a relevant TV market experience for all of us.

Patricia Jasin

Vice President

TV Azteca

Laura Fernández Espeso

Corporate Director and Head of TV


Ana Piñeres

Executive Producer Founder, General Manager, VP

CMO Producciones

Ana Celia Urquidi

General Manager Yellow Producciones

Hemisphere Producciones

Francisco Morales

Responsable de adquisiciones

Amazon Prime Video Latin America

Gonzalo Fiure

Head of General Entertainment for Latin America


Raphael Correa

Executive director of International Business


Ignacio Barrera

SVP Sales & Business Development


Billy Rovzar

Founder & CEO

Lemon Studios

Tiago Mello

Executive Producer

Boutique Filmes

Marcelo Tamburri

Head of Scripted Content Development,

WarnerMedia Latin America

Ezequiel Olzanski


EO Media Distribution

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