MIP CANCUN Co-production Matchmaking
& Summit

A gold mine of opportunities to accelerate TV co-production projects with Latin America!

Accelerate your TV co-production projects with Latin America

Experience a three-day tailored program: pre-scheduled 1-to-1 and roundtable meetings, live pitching sessions, and high-level connections for projects in development

Meet targeted potential partners, investors, show-runners and commissioners. Greenlight projects in development. Gain key insights on the state of the market in Latin America and beyond, with tips that can be applied directly to your project.

Discover our signature matchmaking format

MIP CANCUN is designed to accommodate one-to-one meetings and round tables with a wide range of companies to forge co-production deals. Up to 10 guaranteed meetings will be included in your personalized agenda and you will have a lot more opportunities to accelerate your TV co-production projects with Latin America! Discover our signature matchmaking format through 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Sign up and prepare

The first step is to register to prepare your market.

Get in contact with our sales representatives.

Step 2

Set up your profile

Tell us who you are, and what you’re bringing and what you're looking for at MIP CANCUN.
Stand out by maximizing the appeal and depth of your profile.

Step 3

Browse and match

Browse through the attending commissioners, producers, financing company profiles and select the ones you'd like to meet depending on your objectives.

Step 4

Let the algorithm work

Our algorithm sets your 4-day meeting agenda based on mutual preferences and your business interests.


Key Dates

  31 July 2024

   Early Bird offer ends

  18 October 2024    Registration closes

Co-Production Bootcamp

The MIP CANCUN Co-Production Bootcamp offers valuable insights into co-production with roundtable meetings between producers and commissioners, and workshops on legal, financial, tech (AI), and sustainability services.

Co-Production Summit

A high-level discussion and networking event focusing on co-production challenges and opportunities in LatAm.
By invitation only

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