│MIP Cancun Online+ Practical information│

Find everything you need to organise and enjoy your MIP Cancun Online+ experience.

When is MIP Cancun Online+?

MIP Cancun Online+  will take place entirely online from November 17-20. The platform is already open for registered delegates.


Where is MIP Cancun Online+?

Attending delegates: you can now log in to MIP Cancun Online+

Contact & Help

Need more information? Read our USER GUIDE and if needed, get in touch with the MIP Cancun TEAM!

| Quick start guide for your online meetings - MIP Cancun Online+

| Getting started - MIP Cancun Online+

Walkthrough step by step into MIP Cancun Online+ platform.

| Step #1 - Log-in

Log-in to MIP Cancun Online+ and get familiar with the platform.
Your prescheduled meetings are already available on the section "My Schedule"

| Step #2 - Free flow

In addition to your prescheduled meetings, browse through all the attending delegates, filter by specific criteria, express interest and request additional meetings

| Step #3 - Explore

In the section "Event Agenda" browse the Conference Program available. "Add to schedule" your favorite sessions. Tune in to watch them upon release or watch them on-demand at your pace

| Step #4 - Live

Make sure to know the time of your meetings. Online meetings go live starting November 17. Connect to the platform and make the most of your market.

| Best Practices for an optimal experience – MIP Cancun Online+

Upon reception of you pre-scheduled agenda, make sure to secure time slots on your own schedule. All your meetings are available on the platform, section: "My schedule".

If for any unexpected reason, you must cancel or reschedule a meeting, always inform your potential partner.

Plan your meetings.
Make sure you have carefully read the profile of your meeting partners and have the content you want to show ready.

Keep in mind key questions you want to ask – and if applies – have your pitch ready. 

Get ready.
Prepare in a dedicated folder on your desktop all the documents, videos, audios and presentations you’d like to show.

While on your meeting you'll be able to click on the option "share my screen" to start your presentation.

For the best experience, we recommend to use Google Chrome as your default browser. If you are experiencing any problems within the platform, the first thing to do is to close and re-start.

Otherwise the entire MIP Cancun team is here to help you through. Drop us an e-mail at mipcancun@reedmidem.com

Be on time and respect the time allocated to your meetings. If you need more time or need to reschedule, arrange directly with your partner.

Make sure you have a good internet connection.
Wired connection, if available, is the best option.
A good wi-fi connection will do otherwise.

Control your environment. Make sure your PC Camera is working, room light is sufficient and that you will not be interrupted during your meeting by ambient noise. 

│Time Zone

Cancun:  Central Time Zone (CTS): UTC/GMT -5 hour.

Cancun time

London time