MIP CANCUN Matchmaking Platform

MIP CANCUN's Content Market and Co-Production Matchmaking & Summit offer a unique 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meeting experience.

Create your profile, browse attending participants, and select who you'd like to meet. Our algorithm will then generate your personalized 4-day agenda based on mutual interest and business objectives.

The platform opens in mid-July for profile completion. The 1-to-1 matchmaking preferences phase runs from September 30 to October 20, with agendas delivered on November 5. From then, all MIP CANCUN participants can enjoy free-flow networking and book additional meetings on the platform.

4 easy steps

Step 1

Sign up and prepare
until 18 Oct

The first step is to register to prepare your market.
Get in contact with our sales representatives.

Step 2

Set up your profile
from mid-June to 20 Oct

Tell us who you are, and what you’re looking for at MIP CANCUN.
Stand out by maximizing the appeal and depth of your profile.

Step 3

Browse and match
from 30 Sep to 20 Oct

Browse through the 1-to-1 attending participants profiles and select the ones you'd like to meet depending on your objectives.

Step 4

Let the algorithm work
5 Nov

Our algorithm sets your 4-day meeting agenda based on mutual preferences and your business interests.

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