MIP Cancun Conference Program

3 of the most strategic days of Latin American TV

Designed to connect with TV industry leaders, the MIP Cancun Conference Program includes 1-to-1 meetings, exclusive international screenings, insightful keynotes, conferences, and networking events. 


Plenary sessions

Keynote: Erik Barmack

After nearly a decade-long run at Netflix’s where he spearheaded and led the area of international originals, Barmack’s new venture Wild Sheep Content is set to produce a slate of projects with producers in Spain, Brazil, India and Holland.  During the course of this chat, Barmack will discuss perspectives on best practices in production and the value passionate storytelling.

Keynote: Patricio Wills

Patricio Wills is President of Televisa Estudios where he has spearheaded and led a reorientation of the media conglomerate’s scripted endeavors. During the course of this keynote Wills will provide a scorecard of the last year and will unveil his production objectives for 2020, including those done under Televisa’s Fabrica de Sueños banner.

Keynote: Alberto Ciurana

Alberto Ciurana, Chief Content and Distribution Officer of TV Azteca will discuss how in the wake of lightning speed changes in the delivery and consumption of content, broadcast television revises its strategy and remains very relevant. This panel addresses a broadcaster’s approach towards developing content while continuing to capture the hearts and minds of local audiences.

Historical fiction: Hernán, a case study

The highly-anticipated series “Hernán”, a Mexican-Spanish co-production, will be presented during a MIP Cancun case study featuring Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine; Julian de Tavira, Showrunner (Mexico); Miguel Brailovsky, SVP Programming & Production, History Latin America; and Curro Royo, Showrunner (Spain).

Masterclass with Chris Brancato & James Duff

James Duff, creator and showrunner of the Emmy Award-winning series “The Closer” and Chris Brancato, co-creator and producer of the global hit “Narcos”, will lead a Masterclass on creating gripping scripted content and procedurals built around strong female and male roles that engage audiences around the globe.

Fresh TV

The Wit will be back for 2 sessions of Fresh TV dedicated to Drama and Formats! Discover the latest content trends around the world and get inspired by success stories.

Insight sessions

Explore possibilities in financing, rights and current trends in the field of international content development. 

Spain: Building-up global ambitions

Spain, a land of storytelling, is a vibrant market with enormous creative potential in the areas of talent and production capabilities. The last two years have witnessed the meteoric rise and worldwide acceptance of its scripted drama. Hear from those who are at the forefront of reimagining innovative approaches to developing and creating content and shaping new business strategies with the goal of delivering premium content that resonates on a local and global level.

With César Benitez (CEO, Plano a Plano), Gonzalo Sagardía (CEO, Onza), and Albert Sagales (Development Manager, Diagonal TV).

The showrunner's role in Latin America

The American notion of a showrunner is a dream role. But do they really exist in Latin America? Is such a role possible, or even desirable, and in what form? In Latin America, this job can take various shapes, depending on the country and the project. What partnership models have been established within the framework of series development and production?

With Daniel Posada (Producer El Chapo, Showrunner Tijuana), Juliana Barrera (Content Director, The Mediapro Studio Colombia) and Fernando Rovzar (Showrunner, Lemon Studios).
In partnership with Centro.

Innovation in premium storytelling

Mariana Perez and Leonardo Aranguibel, two industry greats who have led the way towards innovation in premium storytelling by delivering record-breaking series based on real life stories that deeply move audiences throughout the region and across the globe, will share their combined perspectives on the art of creating: True Life Fiction, sourcing and developing IP, cultivating talent, and working with local partners.

Hear from Mariana Perez, Head of General Entertainment Productions and Leonardo Aranguibel, Head of Production Operations and Strategy, The Walt Disney Company.

Country focus: Colombia

Colombia boasts a well-developed TV production sector; complete with state-of-the-art studio facilities, as well as world class production services that can support local and international productions. Its lineage of pedigreed storytellers, past and present, paved the way to scores original breakout hits, remakes and adaptations all over the world. This panel will provide insights into the robust and attractive range of above and below the line possibilities that the country has to offer.

With Ana Piñeres (VP and Creative Producer, CMO Producciones), Alejandro Toro (Head of Production, RCN), Diego Ramírez-Schrempp (Executive Producer, Dynamo) and Catalina Porto (Executive Manager Production, Caracol).

Reinventing the producer's role

In 2019 producers face a quickly evolving content market punctuated by a huge demand for TV viewing alternatives originating locally and from different parts of the world, a growing need for skilled above and below talent, increased physical production requirements, bigger investments and new strategic alliances. This panel explores the re-invention of the producer’s role brought about by the complexities of growing opportunities.

Hear from Manuel Martí, Head of International Development and Multiplatform Content (Polka), Diego Piasek, VP Development MGM International TV Productions (MGM Studios) and Leonardo Zimbrón, Head of Scripted (EndemolShine Boomdog).

Forging smart co-production partnerships

Setting up international coproductions are experiences that range from efficient and straightforward to extremely complex and time consuming. This panel explores key factors defining a successful coproduction value chain including: possessing a deep knowledge of the market; holding compelling intellectual property; packaging a project effectively, finding synergies between parties and partners; and identifying location incentives, TV funds as well as other forms of financing.

With Moreyba Bidessie (Director, International Scripted Development & Sales, A+E Networks International), Peter Nadermann (Managing Director, Nadcon Film GmbH) and Pablo Salzman (President, Connect3 Media).

Packaging and Financing

This era’s ‘new normal’ can be characterized by a growing demand for content, a proliferation of vehicles through which to access content and the need to break through the clutter to effectively target and reach audiences across all demographics. This session offers a set of combined perspectives originating from studios, talent agents, producers and merchant banks with  respect to howeach entity makes its decision to support a project.

Hear from Patrick Drum, Senior Vice President - Head of Entertainment Finance (Wells Fargo Bank), Cyrus Farrokh, President of International Distribution (Propagate Content), and Chris Philip, President (Starlings Television).

Making creative decisions with demand data

During the course of this insightful presentation Alejandro Rojas, Regional Director, Parrot Analytics, will discuss the advantages of using demand data to make important creative and business choices at each step of the content development stage. Applying leading edge data science, Rojas will provide a unique data-centric perspective on global audiences of Spanish and Portuguese speaking content, highlighting key factors that drive success, illustrated by examples of recent releases.

In conversation with

A strategic moment to receive programming and production briefs directly from senior TV executives from industry-leading companies.

Marcelo Tamburri
Vice Presidente de Desarrollo de Contenido
Turner Latin America

Joanna Lombardi
Head of Fiction Latinoamerica

Andres Reymondes
Head CEO US Hispanics and LatAm

Nacho Gil
Head of Development and Creative
Vice Studios

Ana Paula Valdovinos
VP Production and Development
Telemundo International Studios

Federico Cuervo
SVP and Head of VIS

Ana Celia Urquidi
General Manager Yellow Producciones
Hemisphere Media Group

Carolina Bilbao
VP Programming and Development
Hemisphere Media Group


Orphans of a Nation

After having her house bombarded during the war in Syria, Laila goes with her parents, Elias and Missade, and brother, Khaled, to a refugee camp. After seeing Laila, a much older Lebanese sheikh, Aziz, proposes to marry her in exchange for money.

Worried about Khaled, who was wounded in the bombing and is clinging to life, Laila accepts the proposal, to the dismay of her parents.

She marries Aziz while her brother is operated in a good hospital. However, shortly before the wedding night, Soraia, Aziz’s first wife, tells Laila that Khaled succumbed and died. With no reason to stay married to the sheik, Laila flees with her parents to Sao Paulo.

Jamil (23), Aziz’s godson, is sent to Brazil with the goal of bringing Laila back and forcing her to fulfill the marriage contract. However, Jamil falls head over heels for her. They decide to get married, arousing the wrath of Aziz, who comes to Brazil.

However, he is mysteriously murdered. Three years later, Dalila, Aziz’s daughter, arrives to get revenge from Laila and Jamil, believing that they killed her father.




A Miracle

A Miracle, the Turkish adaptation of The Good Doctor is the smash-hit of this season. Turkish version is the best performing drama in primetime in Turkey over 7 years and reached 46% share in primetime. An elite pediatric unit turns upside down when a strange new resident joins the team. Ali has autism with savant syndrome, making it hard for him at first, but his sincerity and dedication win them over. In this hospital, Ali finds the family he’s always craved. A genius doctor suffering from autism finds love and acceptance now. He’s the hero and hope of all of us.

Special events

MIP Cancun Entertainment Formats Pitch

Stay tuned for the short list of entries of this brand new competition in association with all3media international!

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Networking events

The best networking opportunities to make new contact & meet the full MIP Cancun community during exclusives events. 

WAWA Networking Mentoring Breakfast

The Worldwide Audiovisual Women Association will host its first Mentoring Breakfast at MIP Cancun on November 22nd.

Eat & Meet: Breakfast with producers

Start your day by sharing a breakfast table with top producers, development executives and showrunners with the goal of exchanging ideas and mining new ones. Table hosts will guide discussions based on a pre-assigned topic according to their area of expertise.

James Duff
Creator and Showrunner

Roxanne Pompa
VP Formats
CBS Studios International

Francisco Cordero
BTF Media

Sebastian Freund

Tiago Mello
Executive Producer
Boutique Filmes

Eze Olzanski
Vice President, TV Distribution and Co-Productions Latin America & Spain

Maria García-Castrillon
Head of International Affairs
Boomerang TV

Marcos Bucay
Campanario Entertainment

Curro Royo
Fabulae Creativo

Diana Mejia-Jones
VP Development Spanish Content
Campanario Entertainment

Aron Levitz
Head of Wattpad Studios
Studios Wattpad