Four ways to take part depending on your strategy

For a span of three days, MIP CANCUN unites the entertainment industry in Latin America, ensuring pre-arranged meetings and high-level networking for content distribution, co-production, and more.

MIP CANCUN offers tailored ways to participate based on your needs and strategy! Explore our four options for engaging in the most efficient business event in the region.

MIP CANCUN Content Market

A unique all-inclusive experience to connect key international content distributors and TV buyers from Latin America and the US Hispanic markets.

Benefit from 17 to 25 pre-scheduled 1-to-1 meetings.

MIP CANCUN Co-Production Summit & Matchmaking

Experience a three-day tailored program to meet tarteged potential partners, investor, show-runners and commissioners, and to greenlight project in development.

Benefit from up to 10 pre-scheduled 1-to-1 meetings and a dedicated program for project development.

MIP CANCUN 3-Day Networking Pass

Attend in a freeflow capacity and connect with the industry through informal gatherings to cultivate meaningful connections and detect new business opportunities.


Position your brand at the heart of the market with an intimate space designed for hosting meetings with both new and existing business partners.

A key opportunity, especially for service providers, national pavilions, technology, marketing and consulting companies.

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