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Sell finished content to the largest selection of buyers from Latin American and US Hispanic broadcasters and OTT platforms


Meet with international and LatAm producers and heads of development, find production partners and financing, forge new partnerships



Network with key rights holder, broaden your business base, source and acquire the latest and very best content in every genre

PODS 2023

Discover our 2023 pavillions

We are the national agency for the promotion of exports and investments dependent on the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We promote exports and investments in Argentina, and provide support for SMEs to go global, by facilitating productive investment projects throughout the national territory.

Download the list of companies coming under Argentina Audiovisual pavillion here

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CinemaChile is the public-private sector brand responsible for the promotion and diffusion of Chilean audiovisual production in the world. It was created in 2009 by the Film and Television Producer's Union Association (APCT) and ProChile, under the program "Sector Brands". 

See the companies coming under CinemaChile pavillion: ALAS, CUBHO Audiovisual, EQUECO, INVERCINE

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Download the list of companies coming under Gobierno de Colombia pavillion here

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MIP Markets relaunch the PRODUCERS TO WATCH initiative to promote the business-focused aspect of high potential independent producers...

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