MIP Cancun Entertainment Formats Pitch

With the tagline, New Formats No Borders - this new brand competition, run by MIP Cancun in association with all3media international, offers an amazing opportunity for producers to enter their entertainment format idea into a dynamic pitch environment - with advice and engagement of experienced producers and broadcasters at every stage. 

The winner will receive a prize of $5,000 via bank transfer to develop the idea to the next pitch stage, and a high value supporting document in the form of a tailored report along with time with a key executive.



The MIP Cancun Entertainment Formats Pitch will see entries judged by an industry-renowned panel with the winning format receiving a cash and consultancy prize package and the opportunity to partner with all3media international in developing the format for pitching to global broadcasters.

Willard Tressel
DirectTV Latin America

Pedro Lascurian
Acquisitions Director
TV Azteca

Janel Downing
VP of Sales, Latin America
all3media international

Francisco Cordero
BTF Media

Felix Wesseler
Director of Operations


24H Date

In this show we follow the journey that men and women go through, from the moment they meet and the attraction they feel at first sight, right up to the first night they spend together. For a full day they will be flirting and competing whilst getting to know each other and get to see who their soulmate is.

Natural selection determines which two final couples will match; they will then make plans together and start a 24-hour date. There will also be some surprises which will help them get to know each other better. In order to choose a partner, physical attraction and the spark felt whilst working as a team will help participants find the love they are looking for.

Produced by FOCO Formats & Content
Created by Enrique Sierra Durán

Blind Plate

A well-known expression is that the shortest way to a man's heart goes through his stomach. In each episode, 4 single candidates, carefully matched to the SINGLE's description, will compete on winning the heart of the SINGLE, with their…cooking skills!! A blind taste to follow would reveal the winner, and the couple would meet for a blind date in a restaurant.

Will the atmosphere get cooking as well??? Each of the couple would vote for YES or NO, and if they both say YES, the limo would take them to their dream date. At the end of each season we would gather the couples to get updated. Special wedding awards would be given to those who would get married!

Created by Michal PREISS


Xtreme Science

How can a parkour athlete run vertically on a wall? How can a diver breathe under the ocean with an oxygen tank? Juan, a gamer who perfectly understands the rules of video games and is also intrigued by sports, will understand with the help of his friend Youtuber, Sam, the rules of physics, mathematics and biology that make such feats possible.

Produced by Lumen 2000 Colombia
Created by Tatiana Millán and Camilo Pérez

Pacha Mama

Pacha Mama is a game show where its participants are youngsters who compete with the aim of decontaminating a wildlife area. Each team has 4 members and a celebrity leader (an artist or sportsperson). The teams will compete throughout each series to tackle a different area in each episode. The host will explain the rules and the following tasks: picking up, classifying, measuring and processing waste.

Each episode has a guest with a scientific or sustainability background. They will explain to the participants the type of contamination they are facing with its causes and effects. The show’s opening is animated, talks about the planet and the aboriginal cosmovision, the cycle of life and giving back to the Motherland.

Produced by LAS MINAS SmartMedia
Created by Rosario Jiménez-Gili & Gaston Chedufau
Chile - Argentina


Inner Women

Catarina and Manoela, artist and journalist, explore the interiors of Latin America in a motorhome to live alongside women who are the head of their communities and motivate new perspectives between people and the environment.

In road trip-style, INNER WOMEN showcases the magnetism of Latin American rural life, uncharted travels, the history of their villas, popular cultures, ancestral traditions, food and the relationship with the earth. Always through the point of view of eight women who guide and broaden horizons of their homelands, the series is an adventurous approch on different ways of leading a collective.

One leader per episode, we unravel the intimacy of inspiring women in the edges of the Amazon, Pampa, Patagonia and other landscapes of the continent. Encounter, transformation, fun and sustainability, that is INNER WOMEN.

Produced by Stelios Produções
Created by Catarina Accioly and Manoela Frade

all3media international

Working with Reed MIDEM on The Formats Pitch events at MIP and ATF has been enjoyable and productive for our profile in EMEA and APAC. We’re delighted to work once again with the team at Reed Midem on presenting this new Formats Pitch at MIP Cancun. The event offers the perfect platform to showcase the best of Latin America’s creative talent and discover ideas that are perfect for export and development within the region and on the international stage.

Rachel Glaister, EVP Brands, all3media international 

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