MIP Cancun
15-18 November 2022
Cancun, Mexico

Co-Production Forum – MIP Cancun

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Accelerate your TV co-production projects with Latin America

MIP Cancun 2021 confirms major coproduction companies. See who's coming >

The MIP Cancun co-production forum offers between 10 and 15 guaranteed pre-scheduled meetings that match producers across Latin America with top commissioners from the region as well as Talent agencies, Heads of Development, Financing Companies, Writers, etc.  It also features actionable industry insight sessions from key leading TV executives. A mine of opportunities to accelerate your TV co-production projects with Latin America! 

The guiding philosophy of the MIP Cancun Co-Production Forum is that your future partnerships, business deals and friendships are made best in a relaxed premium environment where face to face meetings and relationship building are top priority.

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Co-Production Forum. A 3-track program featuring:


Discover our signature matchmaking format. Receive a personalized agenda with 10 to15 pre-scheduled meetings.

Meet with a wide range of companies: Channel Dev. exec, Heads of Content, VP Creative, Talent Agencies, Financial Partners, International and Latin American Production Studios, etc.

In conversation with

MIP Cancun “In conversation with” are up close intimate sessions with top leaders executives in TV content and TV co-production. 

A strategic intimate moment, featuring programming and production briefs directly from senior TV executives from industry-leading companies.

Networking events

Network with the full community of buyers, distributors & production executives during conferences and business networking events.

An excellent opportunity in the region to meet with your peers, make new business partners and foster your relationships. Welcome to the MIP Cancun community!

Discover our signature matchmaking format

MIP Cancun is designed to accommodate one-to-one meetings and round tables with a wide range of companies to forge co-production deals. 10 to 15 guaranteed meetings will be included in your personalized agenda and you will have a lot more opportunities to accelerate your TV co-production projects with Latin America! Discover our signature matchmaking format through 4 easy steps.


The first step is to discuss your interest in attending the Co-Production Forum with our dedicated team. 

The MIP Cancun Co-Production Forum features a curated selection of companies.


This is the cornerstone of our signature matchmaking format. Tell us who you are, what you are bringing to the market and what are your key objectives.

Make sure to  stand out by maximizing the appeal and depth of your online profile.


Identify the producers and/or commissioners you'd like to meet in Cancun. Browse through the attending profiles and filter them by content genre and interests.

Select those most suited for your business objectives and you are done!


Our proprietary algorithm sets your 3-day meeting agenda based on your business interests. You can also attend exclusive networking events in Cancun and set extra meetings directly onsite. 

Key Dates

  19 October 2021

   Sales close

See who's coming - Co-Production Forum 2021


MIP Cancun is all about community. During 4 days, join a big family of TV executives with one main thing in common: passion for television.

Meet and conduct business, find new production partners, the latest creative trends, and discover new strategies for your channel.

2021 edition celebrates the "welcome back" of the MIP Cancun community together!